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A Song for Lent – Waiting to Begin

Hello Friends

As they say in the musical of the opera Aida, ‘Every story is a love story’. And when we love we sing.

Love is the most powerful of human emotions so most of the best songs are love songs and for me music almost always point towards the author of love – The One who loves us best.

This year during the 40 Days of Lent I will be taking a trip to the bright lights of the West End and Broadway reflecting each day on the love behind the lyrics and The One behind the love.

Some tunes will be very familiar, some obscure but I hope all of them will help you come closer to Him and add harmony to your ‘Alleluias’ at Easter.

If you like the idea of singing your way through Lent then visit this blog from Ash Wendesday and join in the music that is at the heart of God’s love

To whet your appetite here are some words and a video from ‘Aida – The Musical’


Every story, tale or memoir
Every saga or romance
Whether true or fabricated
Whether planned or happenstance

Whether sweeping through the ages
Casting centuries aside
Or a hurried brief recital
Just a thirty-minute ride

Whether bright or melancholy
Rough and ready, finely spun
Whether with a thousand players
Or a lonely cast of one

Every story, new or ancient
Bagatelle or work of art
All are tales of human failing
All are tales of love at heart



Andrew Dotchin – Felixstowe

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