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‘Permission to grow a set please, Sir’


I stop shaving on Hangliding Competition – a family tradition- and my curate says ‘carry on and grow a set. We need a pirate for the Holiday club’.


People smile at me and call me Santa

People frown at me and say they don’t like my new look.

People comment on me needing a trim.

People say ‘what have you done?’ – in friendly and unfriendly ways.

People simply stare.

People inform me that, in case I hadn’t noticed, ‘you’re growing a beard’.


People start making free with my face.

People stroke my chin.

People fondle my whiskers and tell me how they ‘love’ a man with a beard,

(both men and women say this).

Mostly this people is happy with things.

This is not the first time I’ve worn a beard

I was expecting these sort of responses

so why do I feel disturbed a little?

Then the penny drops…

If I’m feeling uncomfortable

about a little beard fondling

and (mostly) compliment making

how do women feel

when men comment about their appearance?

Men, time to Man Up!

Day by day women are subjected

to unwanted attention

and unneeded comments

#MeToo⁠ ⁠ is a Male movement as well – for the most part we are the ones who can prevent the abuse.


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