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Becoming Real – Day 11

Becoming Real: 40 Days with the Velveteen Rabbit

Day 11 – Monday after Second Sunday of Lent – 1st March2010

To Read: 

One evening, when the Boy was going to bed, he couldn’t find the china dog that always slept with him.  Nana was in a hurry, and it was too much trouble to hunt for china dogs at bedtime, so she simply looked about her, and seeing that the toy cupboard stood open, she made a swoop.

“Here,” she said, “take your old Bunny!  He’ll do to sleep with you!”  

And she dragged the Rabbit out by one ear, and put him into the Boy’s arms.

from The Velveteen Rabbit
by Margery Williams

To Reflect:

There she goes!  Nana, like a whirlwind rushes in to find a solution to her problem and at the same time the answer to The Velveteen Rabbit’s dreams.

How typical it is of life.  Sometimes the most important things happen by chance and circumstance – or so it may seem at the time.  Reflection on our journey of life teaches us otherwise.

A very precious friend of mine from Johannesburg had many sayings to encourage people on the journey of faith.  The one which I repeat most often is ‘God does not want our ability but our availability’.  Our little rabbit, sitting neglected in the toy cupboard, can do little by himself, after all he is only an animal shaped bag of sawdust, but at the right moment the rabbit is there and ready to be used.

Alright it is sometimes a bit of a challenge to be dragged by your ear into the will of God but it is true again and again if we make ourselves available for God to use God will find ways in which we can serve the Gospel and God’s people.

What was it like the first time you knew that you were doing something especially for God?  Exciting? Frightening?  Fulfilling? Or all of them as well as others besides?  Take a few moments to think of a time you said ‘Yes’ to God and allowed yourself to be plucked from the toy cupboard of life and into God’s purpose.

Then ask yourself what prevents you from saying ‘Yes’ every time God calls your name?


To Pray: 

Loving God,
you call us back to you with all of our hearts.
I feel your call for me deep in my heart
and I know you want me backas much as I want to return.
Please, Lord,give me the wisdom to know how to return.
Make my journey back to you this Lent
one of grace, forgiveness and gentle love.


© Andrew Dotchin – 2018

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