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Becoming Real – Day 15

Becoming Real: 40 Days with the Velveteen Rabbit

Day 15 – Friday after Second Sunday of Lent – 5th March2010

To Read:

Spring came, and they had long days in the garden, for wherever the Boy went the Rabbit velveteenrabbitwent too.  He had rides in the wheelbarrow, and picnics on the grass, and lovely fairy huts built for him under the raspberry canes behind the flower border.  And once, when the Boy was called away suddenly to go to tea, the Rabbit was left out on the lawn until long after dusk, and Nana had to come and look for him with the candle because the Boy couldn’t go to sleep unless he was there. 

from The Velveteen Rabbit
by Margery Williams

To Reflect: 

‘The Dark Night of the Soul’ it may not be but many Christians will have known times the journey home moves between moments of intimate closeness with God (bringing with it the gift of Assurance) and times of desolation and emptiness.  We have sunlit days filled with laughter and joy and also times in the gathering gloom when we feel as if we have been neglected by the One for whom we live.

When this happens to me I feel desolate, empty and chilled to the bone – as if I have been left out in the rain and, like the rabbit, all I can do is wait until someone (the sainted Nana) comes to fetch me home again.

On the sunny days we can look back at the lonely times and realise that the desolation we feel is but a deeper revelation of our dependence on God.  After all if God were not important to us would we miss the knowledge of God’s presence?

In point of fact God never leaves us and, in some strange way, God knows when we are missing and perhaps cannot go to sleep unless we are close by.  How different our response can be to that divine love and longing.  If it is true that God cannot rest unless we are at home how can it ever be that we may ever come to day’s end without having spent time consciously with God?

Try to make the last conversation you have this day to be one with the one ‘who does not slumber or sleep’; the One who watches over you wherever you may find yourself to be.

To Pray:

your commandment of love is so simpleand so challenging.
Help me to let go of my prideand be humble.
I want only to live the way you ask me to love,
to love the way you ask me to live.
I ask this through your son, Jesus,
who stands at my sidetoday and always.


© Andrew Dotchin – 2018

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