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A Child has Died – in memoriam Jayden Louw

Today, the inquest into the suicide of my Transgender cousin Jayden Louw takes place.

An ‘open verdict’ is expected to be returned which presumes that no one is to blame for the events which led to his death.

Transgender youth are four times more likely to attempt suicide than their peers so to not apportion blame or responsibility is to betray them and their families.

The poem below suggests many reasons why a child may die. Please commit yourself to living in such a way as to not contribute to any of them.

A child has died

An Inquest is called

A Report is made

Regrets are expressed

Questions are asked

Blame is apportioned…

…or maybe not


Who is to blame for a child suicide?

Who is at fault for a life snuffed out?

Who were those who; 

            Made the last insult

            Decried a new name

            Belittled an identity

            Turned a cold shoulder

            Sniggered and mocked

            Prevented acceptance

            Protested inclusion

            Refused to change laws?


A Narrative Verdict returns

A story remains untold

A mother’s heart breaks

©️Andrew Dotchin 2019

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