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Sing the Gospel – To Follow God’s Commands – Proper 7B – Ordinary 12B

Sing the Gospel - WallpaperSing the Gospel

Gradual Hymns for the Sundays of the Year

Proper 7B – Ordinary 12B – Mark 4.35-end

To Follow God’s Commands

Tune: Monk’s Gate 65 65 66 65 
(He Who Would Valiant Be)


To follow God’s commands
was their desire.
Rowing against the waves
the wind betrayed them.
‘Lord, Lord’ they shout in fear
‘Wake or we drown and die.’
‘Rise, stand, and row with us’
they cry to Jesus.

The Master of the world
Stands at the ship’s helm.
Charging the wind and waves,
‘Be calm and be still’.
Peace settles all around,
safe haven calls them home.
Fear turned to awe they say,
‘Who is this Jesus?’

When storms confront our lives
and waves o’erwhelm us.
Stand faithful at our side,
bring peace and calm, Lord.
Forgive our lack of faith,
teach us to trust you more.
Come storm or wind or rain
we’ll rest with Jesus

© Andrew Dotchin 2021


[This hymn ‘To Follow God’s Commands’ is copyright © Andrew Dotchin 2021 and may be reproduced without charge on condition that the source is acknowledged]

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