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Sing the Gospel – Follow Now the Lord’s Way – Proper 12B – Ordinary 17B

Sing the Gospel - Wallpaper

Sing the Gospel

Gradual Hymns for the Sundays of the Year
Proper 12B – Ordinary 17B – John 6.1-21

Follow Now the Lord’s Way


Tune: Evelyns [65 65 D]
(At the Name of Jesus)


Follow now the Lord’s way
never doubt His care.
He will be your heart’s food,
He will heal your woes.
Do not look around you,
at others following.
He’ll provide for their needs,
just as He does yours.

Give him all you carry,
though it may seem small.
Placed into the Lord’s hands
food is found for all.
If the young can offer
all they brought with them,
can not we be faithful
as a little child?

Loaves and fishes transformed
feed a multitude.
Lives redeemed and restored
feast on heav’nly food.
Open wide your hands now,
do not hesitate.
As we give to others
we ourselves are fed.

© Andrew Dotchin 2021

[This hymn ‘Follow Now the Lord’s Way’ is copyright © Andrew Dotchin 2021 and may be reproduced without charge on condition that the source is acknowledged]

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