Lifting up a word

Fro all those who have worn the dog collar for so long that they are tempted to forget to listen to the One who called them – mea culpa

Rev Claire Jones

In my little bit of the world, the Church of England, we have not all been at our kindest in recentweeks. I speak for myself, if no one else.

That’s not to say we’re not working hard and doing a huge amount of good in this season: our Church is full of people who love Jesus and love our communities and want to serve them in the best way we can, but naturally we don’t all agree on what that means right now. For some, a live-streamed Eucharist from a church building is the very best we can offer. For others, personally phoning the isolated is at the heart of our calling. For others, the focus is meeting the practical needs of those struggling for food and shelter.

Some find themselves feeling useless; others are exhausted from the efforts. Many of us are like ducks out of water, wondering…

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