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Answering God – Day 39

‘Live simply that others may simply live’. Surely this is not that difficult a maxim to follow? However from the realm of fast fashion to the need for the latest version of just about everything we find ourselves faced with a world that is more interested in money than people.

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Living in the Past; Hoping for the Future

Currently, due to Covid-19 restrictions, our parish is running an hour behind the rest of the nation.
Perhaps not a bad thing as looking to the past in times of crisis reminds us of God’s faithfulness then, comfort now and hope for the future


…Hurry Home for Tea and Scones

[A speech prepared but not delivered for General Synod – February 2018] Thank you Chair Andrew Dotchin – 208 – St Edmundsbury & Ipswich A poet laureate once said these words about a nun pursuing the Religious Life in Felixstowe. I hurry past a cakeshop’s tempting scones Bound for the red brick twilight of St.John’s.… Continue reading …Hurry Home for Tea and Scones