Being Anglican, Being Inclusive

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Being Anglican, Being Inclusive

The Anglican Church, though it has both Catholic and Protestant emphases within it, is by definition a Broad Church.

The Church of England in particular, as the Established Church of the nation, is the church of and for everyone and all those who live within its bounds, be they observant or not, are parishioners and have a right to ask the church for succour.

We are not only the Church ‘of’ England but we are also called to the be the Church ‘for’ England.  The Anglican way, though its practice may be High Church ritual or Low Church devotion, is one that has broad heartlands.

This is not always seen by those outside the Church.  Parishioners they may be but if they are from a Minority Ethnic Community, are divorced, are LGBTI+, have a disability, or are a woman they will not always find a welcome in their local parish church.

MOSAIC aims to help the Church of England be true to its call the be the Church for England by encouraging those who want to be more inclusive, supporting those who feel excluded, and resourcing the whole church to be more able to answer her vocation to welcome all.

Today MOSAIC opened its doors and more can be read about our work in this article from the Church Times.

Please visit our web page ( if you want to find out more about our work and are interested in joining us.

Rev Canon Andrew Dotchin – Steering Committee


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