Liturgies of Commitment and Companionship


Liturgies of Commitment and Companionship

Currently the Church of England does not permit Same Sex Couples to have formal blessings of marriage in church but does ask that we offer services of welcome and prayer.

Here are a series of Liturgies of Companionship and Relationship that the General Synod Gender and Sexuality Group offer to the church as ways to help welcome faithful same sex couples.

A Service of Betrothal

A Service for the Blessing of the Rings

Adrian and Matthew’s Celebration Eucharist 25th May 2019

Betrothal – Ruth and Rachel

Blessing and Anointing

Blessing of a Civil Partnership – Tess Ward

Blessing of a Life Long Union 2013


Celebrating a Civil Partnership

Civil Partnerships &


fringeCP Prayers


Wedding Vows – Order

MC Liturgy for prayer &


Resources for blessing ceremonies

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