Being and Doing

Being and Doing – 7 March – Peace

Being and Doing – 7 March – Peace

BLESSED are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

S. MATT. V. 9.

FIRST, keep thyself in peace, and then shalt thou be able to make peace among others.

IS A PEACEABLE man doth more good than he that is well learned.

A PASSIONATE man draweth even good into evil, and easily believeth the worst.

A GOOD and peaceable man turneth all things to good.

He that is in peace is not suspicious of any.

But he that is discontented and troubled is tossed with divers suspicions; he is neither quiet himself, nor suffereth others to be quiet.”

Is thou wilt thyself be borne with, bear also with another.

Thomas À KEMPIS.

Let us therefore follow after the things which make for peace.

Romans xiv.19.


These quotes are from ‘Being and Doing’ A selection of helpful thoughts from various authors arranged for daily reading.

Collected by Constance M Whishaw and first published in 1908 for members of the Being and Doing Guild whose object is to do all they can for the relief of suffering and misery.

Most of the writers are 19th Century Christians from Britain and Europe who were committed to living their faith through deeds as well as words – Being AND Doing.

For many years these words have kept me company and encouraged me on the journey of faith.  I hope they will encourage others also.

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