Being and Doing

Being and Doing – 25 May – The Power of Words

Being and Doing – 25 May – The Power of Words

OH!   that we all knew or remembered what words are! Surely they are the most terrible powers in this universe.   No chemical combinations that I ever heard of are like them for effects, good or mischievous, heavenly or diabolical.


AH!   light words from those whom we love and honour, what a power ye are!   and how carelessly wielded by those who can use you!   Surely for these things also God will ask an account.


WORDS are mighty, words are living;

Serpents with their venomous stings, 

Or bright angels crowding round us;

With heaven’s light upon their wings;

Every word has its own spirit, 

True or false, that never dies;

Every word man’s lips have uttered

Echoes in God’s skies.


HUMAN words, remember, do more than convey bare facts, they convey the tone of the mind from which they come.



These quotes are from ‘Being and Doing’ A selection of helpful thoughts from various authors arranged for daily reading.

Collected by Constance M Whishaw and first published in 1908 for members of the Being and Doing Guild whose object is to do all they can for the relief of suffering and misery.

Most of the writers are 19th Century Christians from Britain and Europe who were committed to living their faith through deeds as well as words – Being AND Doing.

For many years these words have kept me company and encouraged me on the journey of faith.  I hope they will encourage others also.

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